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Springwood Primary School visit Alan Miller Irlam to experience the opticians during Health Week

Pupils from Springwood Primary School have been given a special tour at our independent practice.

A trip to the opticians can present a barrier to children with learning difficulties, due to the noise and hectic nature of a busy practice and the bright lights used in an eye test.

The children, aged between four and five, were shown around the practice in groups of five and were able to familiarise themselves with the testing room and the equipment used.

The school approached the practice as part of Health Week and so the children could begin to overcome their concerns at the issues an eye appointment in a normal situation could present.

Goody bags containing crayons, novelty plastic glasses and information on services were also given to the children as mementos of their experience.

Practice Manager Christine Smith said: “It was a pleasure to host the children in our practice and it was certainly a lovely change from the day-to-day.

“We tried to make it as relaxing and quiet as possible for the children, but we also did our best to make it fun as well- they loved going up and down on the testing room chair! There were some characters within the groups and would welcome them again anytime.

“Some of them may have never been for an eye exam or in a testing room before, so our hope is that they have now got some familiarity for when they come back for their first appointment and a pleasant experience to be remembered.

“To see them absorbing all the information and having fun was lovely to see, and my team members and I really enjoyed interacting with the little ones. We loved being able to do something helpful for our local children.

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